How To Buy Bitcoin

The process of installing a bitcoin wallet, topping it up using a credit card and paying with BTC became simpler in 2019, and we have a detailed instructions on how to do it. In many cases, you can get your bitcoins within 1 – 2 hours using your credit card.


To buy bitcoin just download the App ZELLE or CASHAPP on your phone, purchase the coins then send the coins to the wallet that appears during your checkout in our online store.

1) How to set up a Bitcoin wallet: go to (Time: 2-3 mins)

Or Use Blockchain to :

2) How to purchase bitcoins from your country using a credit card via our partner: (Time: 10-15 mins)

If any questions:

3) After you have bitcoins in your wallet, you can use them to pay for your order by sending it to our wallet address (Time: 2-10 mins)

You can also purchase bitcoins from :

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